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Polystan Safe Mini Pediatric Oxygenator
[017010 /0170]


With its low priming volume the POLYSTAN SAFE MINI is the perfect oxygenator for paediatric patients with a body weight of between about 5 and 20 kg. Its high performance factors make the operating characteristics ideal for this important group of patients.

Design and features

The top to bottom blood flow, the totally visible blood flow path and the bottom inlet/outlet gas and quick-connect water fittings complete the design concept which contributes to the excellent performance and handling characteristics of this big sister to the POLYSTAN SAFE MICRO neonatal oxygenator.

The POLYSTAN SAFE MINI is available with a pre-mounted and connected venous/cardiotomy reservoir. Alternatively the oxygenator and reservoir can be used as stand-alone components.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
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